How America Became a Christian Nation

In my studies of religion and the impacts it has on society, I came across some incredible information about the formation of America as a Christian nation. One of the main resources that kicked off my research is the book One Nation Under God by Kevin M. Kruse. When the book was released in 2015, is set off a chain reaction of articles all over the country with journalists highlighting the real origins of god in American politics. Unfortunately that hype died quickly and ironically Kruse’s book tells us why. America was not a Christian nation until the 1950’s, and since then there has been a blatant mixing of church and state all for the glory and wealth of corporate America. And I include pastors in with the corporations since many have built their churches into just that. How America Became a Christian Nation is a chronological dissertation broken up over several posts. I start with the Reverend James Fifield in 1924 and continue through to a number of prominent ministers today. I hope the readers will find the information just as interesting as I have and at the very least gain an objective view of Christianity in the good ole USA.