Inquiring Atheist is a place where I write about any and all things related to atheism and my personal journey of lost faith. As the page develops I will answer questions from readers and delve more into current events. But for now there’s a scattered mix of my thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics. Two consistent subjects will occur, the Journey Series and the Recovery Series. I’ve posted links with more information on these series in the menu. 

As any true atheist will tell you, I am not in the business of removing peoples personal faith. But I am in the business of removing religion from government and I am in the business of posing truth against lies. I believe that rational and honest thinking are the key to re-establishing our nation as one of the forefronts in education. Unfortunately we have continued to slip in this area, and we see ramifications in everything from our playgrounds to our Oval Office. The election of Donald Trump and the ensuing travesty proves that America has lost interest in truth if it conflicts with their preconceived ideas. A pattern that has been developing since the 1930’s and now comes to a head. It is essential that every person interested in preserving America push back against the rise of anti intellectualism. And this is my small part for now. I hope you enjoy and question what you read. I don’t have all the answers but I can certainly pose an opinion with the best of them. 

– H