Family Doesn’t Feel Like Family Anymore

I’ve shared part of my story before, I was raised in an extremist baptist church in Indiana. Half of my family still takes part in that brand of faith and our relationship is strained at best. There’s many things about me of which my family does not approve. They don’t like that I’m attracted to women, they are offended by my masculine persona, and they can’t stand that I’m an atheist. To be fair, there’s plenty about my family of which I do not like. I don’t like that they are zealots, I’m offended by their bigotry, and I can’t stand their denial of science and facts. These issues have continued to divide us over the years, creating a chasm that becomes more and more daunting to cross. 

Every time something’s happens in our country that is driven by hatred, bigotry or denial I cannot help but be reminded of my family. I feel guilty as if my ties to them link me to this kind of behavior and then I become resentful of these ties. Two events very recently have stirred up these emotions inside my heart and head. The banning of transgender individuals in the military and the Charlottesville Nazi Riot. Let me state quickly that my family memebers are not white supremacist and I am certain that they condemn such violence and blatant racism. However like many white, conservative Americans, they are in denial of their own racism and the affects of their actions on minorities. That is why they make no apologies for voting in a president of such low character and open bigotry. And as much as they silently support measures that hurt minority races, they very openly cheer on the discrimination of LGBT individuals. It’s frustrating, and I take it personal. I can’t seem to help myself. 

My family no longer feels like my family. Yet we have these amazing memories from my childhood that tear at me at different times, especially during the holidays or at a function with my fiancĂ©es family. These memories play over and over in my head so distant yet I’m present with them. And I wonder why I do this, why I hang onto people who have rejected me at my core and only want me because I remind them of their past. I guess there’s guilt about my mother. She and I were close when I was young and she’s still a woman I admire in many ways. And my siblings bring a smile to my face if anyone asks me about them. I love them, and yet I resent them so forcefully sometimes. 

My favorite movie is It’s A Wonderful Life. In it the main character, George Bailey, wishes he never existed. Not that he could die but that he simply never was. This best describes how I feel about my family some days. I don’t wish to cut them off and leave them, yet I often wish I had never existed in that family at all. As the saying goes though, you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family. So for now I’m the liberal, lesbian atheist stuck with an ultra conservative, baptist family. And how will I handle the mixed emotions that rack my brain? A day at a time, and hopefully in the same tolerance and love I want for myself. 

– H

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