Attis, Jesus and the Easter Bunny

a post from the Journey Series

As I mentioned in the post Why I Became an Atheist, it all started with this book God’s Lunatics by Michael Largo. Interestingly enough, my first jolt of awakening had to do with the story of Easter. And since Easter is only a week away, I guess you could say god meant for this post to be ;). The book is simply an A-Z account of 1,001 world religions and its not nearly as offensive as the name suggests. Anyway, I started at the beginning and very quickly came to the story of the Greek God Attis.

Attis was an odd god to be sure. There’s about 4 different accounts of his story, which isn’t unusual for a god, but they all somehow involve his penis being cut off. I always found the Old Testament’s Hebrew obsession with circumcision disturbing but apparently they weren’t the only folks concerned with hacking away at genitalia. But what stood out to me about Attis story was that he was born of a virgin, was murdered, and resurrected annually (a little much if you ask me). This was the first time I had ever read of a god having the same story line as Jesus. I would later learn that many gods shared similar accounts but I’ll delve into that some other time.

Additionally I learned that Attis died on a Friday and was resurrected on Sunday. Apparently this all happened between March 22-25 and each year was celebrated by his cult followers. These ceremonies were done for hundreds of years before the story of Jesus and would later conflict with Christians celebration of Easter. A few other interesting facts, Attis was known as the Shepherd, The Tree of Life and The Son.  He is usually depicted with a staff and often with sheep. If you’ve ever read the Bible, you see these attributes often given to god, Jehovah or Jesus. 

   The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; he leadeth me beside the still waters.

…. for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me (Psalms 23:1-4)

Of course the original story of Easter seems to be rooted with the goddess Eostre; however, if your newsfeed is anything like mine, you’re sure to see about half a dozen articles on this over the next week. This is my simple beginnings of truth. Most gods/goddesses share similar storylines, heroic attributes and celebrations by their followers. Almost ALL Christian holidays are simply pagan holidays commandeered by Christ’s followers through the centuries. Which is why it’s odd when they’re treated with such reverence and respect.  

While this post is more of a personal anecdote of my journey of unbelief than a study of religion vs paganism, I wanted to share it with my readers. I hope the truth may truly set us free; and I hope you enjoy sleeping in Sunday morning while others sit on a hard wooden bench tuning out a monotonous homily. But don’t forget the Easter baskets! We may be heathens but we still need chocolate. 


2 thoughts on “Attis, Jesus and the Easter Bunny”

  1. How many hundreds of years before Christ do you think the account or the Tree of Life was penned by the man Moses? How about the the Psalms? They were written well before the myth of Attis. The false worship of God began with Cain. Adam and Eve were given the gospel thousands of years before Christ. The story of redemption began before the world began. Search the Old Testament for the resurrection. I’ll be in touch with the reverences if you like. Your theory does not seem to hold much water for me since the timing is off. Love you.


    1. First, the story of Adam and Eve comes in question. How is Cain banished and then able to reproduce with women of Nod? Who are these women? If we’re all from the same two people then how is our DNA so different? Sure it could have evolved through millions of years but a few thousand years isn’t enough time for humanities DNA to be so greatly diverse. Second, yes the story of good conquering evil, an afterlife, redemption, resurrection and much more has been depicted in countless religions for at least 20,000 years and most likely much longer than that. So why is Jesus unique? Many gods have stories of crucifixion, resurrection, healing, miracles, parables, etc. So why was the Jewish man born 2,000 years ago the RIGHT god? And you can see why Jewish people to this day still question Jesus. They’ve heard this story too many times. But if he is the messiah, why is he willing for so many people to be banished for all eternity? If you were born in the Middle East do you think you’d be a Christian? If you were born in a remote village in the Andes, would you even know what a Christian is? If your parents lived in Ireland and raised you a devout catholic would you have known to travel to a Christian nation to be saved? The fact is, today more than 4/5 of the world, at least, will burn forever and ever in hell, according to a baptist interpretation. How can I respect and believe in such a callous god?. His message is so unclear most baptists can’t agree let alone protestants, let alone Christians. While my timing may seem off, the theory of fundamental Christianity seems off. I love you too
      – Heather


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